• LPǼ38 Debuts Sculptural Art with BOTART Int'l. at Photo Independent's 4th Annual Art Fair

    LP Ǽkili Ross debuts “Descendant” a new sculptural installation of projected dry pixels on a vector stenciled, photographic collage, art wrapped 360° around a wooden Wine Barrel, in Photo Independent's 4th Annual Art Fair at The Reef, Downtown Los Angeles, April 21 - 23rd 2017.

    BOTART is an art exhibition of a large collective group of artists. Carefully selected Local &
    International artists are invited to present their personal artistic style on a free standing wooden wine barrel. The Barrel Artifact is presented in exhibitions with other original barrels and works of the artist, such as canvass art, sculptures and mix media.

    Art and Wine are two magnificent contemporaneous experiences. BOTART promotes an artists creative abilities by presenting their art on a wooden Wine Barrel Artifact, or 'BOTA' as it is called in Mallorca, Spain.

    PHOTO INDEPENDENT is an international art fair bringing together those who love and collect photography and the artists who make it. Its mission is to establish a respected platform for high caliber independent, under-represented photographic artists, who do not have an opportunity to participate in gallery-based art fairs, to present their works to a global audience.

    The annual showcase provides a forum for direct exchange of ideas and contacts between photographers, collectors and art professionals. Photo Independent provides potential exhibitors with the unique opportunity to present their work to global decision makers — curators, galleries, collectors, editors and publishers — who seek to acquire, publish and commission the best photographic talent today.

    Exhibition Duration:
    April 21 - 23

    Opening Reception
    Friday, April 21
    6pm - 10pm

    Light refreshments will be served.

    General Hours
    Saturday, April 22,

    Sunday, April 23,


    The Reef DTLA
    1933 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90007

    is available at two lots at The Reef. Entrance to both parking lots on South Broadway. Price: $20.

  • LPAE38 Accepted into Pasadena Society of Artists

    Pasadena Society of Artists, from its founding, attracted practitioners of a variety of artistic styles, including impressionists, modernists, abstract artists and traditionalists.

    During its formative years, the Pasadena Society of Artists was associated with the Pasadena Arts Institute. As a result, its membership had close ties with the Pasadena Museum of Art (which later became the Norton Simon Museum) and the Pacific Asia Museum.

    Pasadena Society of Artists continues to hold frequent juried exhibitions of its members works, and its Annual Exhibitions have taken place without interruption since 1925.

  • LPAE38 Debuts Fashion Film "BE ART" @ Art Code Collective's Opening Reception

    Human Canvas celebrates the human form as motorized sculptures with the capacity to engage & inform one another about the nature of our reality. Information is naturally viral & by utilizing the human form as an educational tool to provide visibility to concepts, cultures & creativity not usually seen in the mainstream, we strive to impact how people engage in the controversial conversations of our day.

  • Color Of Love Featured on L.A. TACO preview covering Art Code Collective's Opening Reception

    Art Code Collective kicks off its efforts to showcase established and emerging artists of color, who push the envelope of socially conscious art, with debut art show Iconic Originals on Feb. 4, from 5-8 p.m. at Cielo Galleries in South Central Los Angeles.

    The collective’s first showing, curated by Misha Liann, will include works by emerging black artists Masu Engeé McLemore, LP Ǽkili Ross, Donovan Vim Crony and Tiffanie Renae. The pieces featured will range from traditional paintings and drawings to multimedia and interactive installations, which the artists identify as their personal best. The short films Noise Gate and Xara by Donovan Vim Crony and Be Art by LP Ǽkili Ross will also be available to preview during the event.

    A collaboration between creative, socially conscious minds, Art Code Collective strives to uplift, empower and expose artists of color, while raising awareness about important social issues facing the world, through ongoing events and initiatives.

  • LPAE38 Interviewed by Pasadena Now Magazine

    Published : Friday, September 23, 2016 | 4:18 AM
    Ensconced in a former fire station near La Pintoresca Park, The Alkebu-Lan Cultural Center is again celebrating African heritage with the seventh edition of its ongoing art gallery series over this weekend.

    This weekend’s works from artists Christen Austin, a Pasadena resident and former PCC student, LP Aekili Ross, also a Pasadena resident and former PCC student and Maurice Howard a former Pasadena resident who now resides in Riverside will be featured at the gallery. Austin and Ross are local to Pasadena who attended Pasadena City College while Howard used to live in the city, according to Riea Owens, the artist gallery’s curator.

    LP Aekili Ross said “I’ll be showing nocturnal portraits that essentially depict divinity.” Ross has been a graphic artist for 20 years.

    “The magic that all of us have within us,” he said about where he gets his inspiration from. “Like ‘Third Eyes’ — they’re not necessarily on our skin, but they are depicted as they are, so I try to depict them as they are in reality.”

    “I got out of graphic design and decided to pursue fine arts because there is less hassle,” Ross said. “It’s hard being a graphic artist because everything you present as art is dictated by the client you’re working for, and it’s really hard on the heart. You’re designing for other people but you’re expressing from yourself.”

    Owens said she started putting on art shows last October to commemorate her father’s 90th birthday. The Alkebu-Lan Cultural Center took notice of her and eventually asked her to join them. She said she’s been putting on art shows every month ever since.

    “It’s not about the money,” she said. “It’s more about giving artists a platform of which to show their art and calling attention to the center.”

    Owens said she soon plans to switch to having one show every other month due to the tremendous effort that goes into putting together.

    “It is taking a ton of time and keeping me from doing my own art!” said Owens, a retired graphic designer and arts director.

    The exhibit will run Saturday and Sunday from 1 to 8 p.m. at the Alkebu-Lan Cultural Center 1435 North Raymond Avenue. There will also be a special reception will be hosted on Sunday from 4 to 7 p.m.

  • AOD Featured on National Geographic

    Technology has profoundly impacted the sexual revolution. People are using technology as never before to explore their true sexual natures, safe from the judgment of families, friends and society at large.