• As Petals Fall

    "As Petals Fall"

    A flowers beauty 

    our eyes distraction, 

    yet the stem of it's life 

    is all we ever hold on to. 

    ░ LPǼ38 © All Rights Reserved

  • Before we Were WE!

    As first wind.

    when it all started

    with the hearted starfish

    of shark fins and dolphins

    the dark twins of the o-cean,


    sonic with harp blends

    a heart bliss sonnet

    as sharp lense of communication

    be-for we were we


    we were mu

    nations blue caves

    evolved groups of crustaceans,  crew stations,

    grew legs and

    before we were seed


    of tree


    we reptile, stepped wild

    slept child on shores un-explored or

    before we were,


    we, pranced along plants

    as ants that dance in

    trance of cycles on branches

    slanted upon a bright glows

    of planets.

    light gold metallics

    core granite

    a spun amulet of the sun


    we were one


    Before we were we.

    ░ LPǼ38 © All Rights Reserved