LP Ǽkili Ross sees art as his first language.
He composes vector stenciled collage filled with photographs of various materials digitally composited using hundreds of layers to illustrate the crux of his subjects.  Within them, nuances are revealed as subtle glimpses into unusual narratives illuminating the expanse of his imagination. The result is an emotional, provocative, and mesmerizing portrait which might resemble the feeling of looking into the depths of one’s soul.

With an accomplished career in digital graphic arts, fashion design, and photography. LP believes art is an intimate and mutual exchange between artist and witness, transforming the moment of capturing one’s attention into a bridge for a joining of the minds.  He is a master of using technology as a tool to express art through copious colors, dark lights, abstract allegories, awkward shapes, fractals, and complex textures to stimulate as many different senses of an audience’s attention as possible.

LP began creating at the age of 8 experimenting with digital composition, having the distinct privilege of both of his parents being Software Developers, as well as photographers & thespians; it has been of great benefit incubating in an environment where both logic & abstraction were welcome.

His early start helped, but it is Aekili’s passionate engagement with the field that continues to pay off.

Gaining recognition of many admirers and prestigious awards; He accepted the Glimpses In Time Juror’s Award in Photography (2010-, won the Graphic Arts Award for e-retailer NewEgg.com (2012-, had his artwork shared by Netflix’s Marvel’s Daredevil (2016-, recognized by Erykah Badu for his portrait of her (2017-, been interviewed by France’s Inter “Vivre en vrai et vivre en ligne” (2014-, commissioned to design the logo for the Neukom Institute at Dartmouth College (2011-, featured in National Geographic’s documentary “Original Sin” (2016-, accepted into BOTART International's permanent collection of contemporary Barrel Art (2017-, a member of the Pasadena Society of Artists and a official Comic-Con professional.

LP’s travels throughout Africa to Botswana, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Mauritius, South Africa & Tanzania; Europe to Belgium, Italy, France, UK & the Netherlands; & Mexico have also granted him a cultural fluency he reflects in his work.

"A man who works with his hands is a laborer. A man who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman. A man who works with his hands, brains, and heart is an artist."  - Louis Nizer

Art@LPAE38.com // LPAE38.com // @LPAE38 (IG, FB-





2018 “Diversity and Inclusion: The Influence of African American Art in Southern California“ Ontario Museum of History & Art

2017 “Visuals & Voices” Jerry Weems Art Gallery, Los Angeles CA   [Group Exhibition]

2017 “Central Avenue Jazz Festival Arts Pavilion” La Mancha Gallery , Los Angeles CA [Group Exhibition]

2017 “Juneteenth Empowerment Festival” Pasadena Journal, Los Angeles CA [Group Exhibition]

2017 “Photo Independant” The Reef, Los Angeles CA [Group Exhibition]
2017 “Peacock Grandeur, Grace and Dreams” Los Angeles County Arboretum, Los Angeles CA [Group Exhibition]

2017 Black History Cultural Appreciation Art Extravaganza, Palm Springs CA [Group Exhibition]

2017 “Black & Brown” Avenue 50 Studio, Los Angeles CA [Group Exhibition]

2017 “Iconic Originals” Art Code Collective​, Los Angeles CA [Group Exhibition]

2016 “Pasadena Society of Artists” Towns Burr Gallery, Pasadena CA​ [Group Exhibition]

2016 “Pasadena's Open Studio Tour” Alkebulan Cultural Center, Pasadena CA [Group Exhibition]

2016 “Amber Rose's Slut Walk”, Los Angeles CA [Group Exhibition]

2016 “Artist Gallery”  Alkebulan Cultural Center, Pasadena CA [Group Exhibition]

2015 “Afrofuturism Now Festival” Worm International, Rotterdam AMS  [Group Exhibition]

2011 “The Diaspora Collective of Afro-Americana” Foggy Windowz Gallery, Pomona CA [Group Exhibition]


Collections / Commissions
2017 BOTART International collection of contemporary Barrel Art
2015 “Troopers Delight” & “Sonic Force (8ft Wall-)” for Cosplay Champion Hip Hop Trooper

Editorials / Features
(2017 September- “Niobe She Is Death” Featured on Stranger Comics
(2017 May- “Lunar Eclipse & God As War” used as Front and Back Cover of CSUSB’s PACIFIC REVIEW

(2017 February- Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, “California's African American Heritage Calendar and Cultural Guide”

(2017 February- "Color Of Love" used as preview of L.A. TACO’s ezine covering Art Code Collective's Opening Reception  

(2016 September- Pasadena Now Magazine "Pasadena Celebrates African Heritage"   

(2016 August- "She Sees All" Featured on Nubiamancy  

(2016 August- "Eve In Edan" Featured on Blavity

(2016 June- Jozi, Zwerdling “INSIGHT: Awakening” FOKUS Insight Magazine : Issue 46 (Pages 28 - 33-

(2016 March- “If Devils Dare” used as Netflix’s Marvel’s Dare Devil social media promotion

(2016 March- Jozi, Zwerdling”INSIGHT: Craftsmanship” FOKUS Insight Magazine : Issue 45 (Pages 41 - 47-  

(2016 January- “Horn of the Clock Bike” Saul Williams Portrait used as social media image announcing his album release of Martyr Loser King

(2015 May- "Same Fight" Featured on Blavity

(2015 October- Featured in Worm’s Afro Futurism Now Magazine


Affiliations / Organizations

2016 Pasadena Society of Artists

2005 Pasadena City College (Visual Arts, Graphic Arts, Design & Digital Media-

Awards / Grants
2012  Graphic Arts Art Award for e-retailer Newegg.com (Graphic Art-

2005  Pasadena City College Digital Media Award Scholarship (Interactive Multimedia Art-