LP Ǽkili Ross sees art as his first language.  He composes vector stenciled collage digitally filled with photographs of various materials superimposed using hundreds of layers to illustrate the crux of his subjects.  Within them, nuances are revealed as subtle glimpses into unusual narratives illuminating the expanse of his imagination. The result is an emotional, provocative, and mesmerizing portrait which might resemble the feeling of looking into the depths of one’s soul.

With an career in digital graphic arts, fashion design, and photography. LP believes art is an intimate and mutual exchange between artist and witness, transforming the moment of capturing one’s attention into a bridge for a joining of the minds.  He is a master of using technology as a tool to express art through copious colors, dark lights, abstract allegories, awkward shapes, fractals, and complex textures to stimulate as many different senses of an audience’s attention as possible.

LP began creating at the age of 8 experimenting with digital composition, having the distinct privilege of both of his parents being Software Developers, as well as photographers & thespians; it has been of great benefit incubating in an environment where both logic & abstraction were welcome.

LP’s travels throughout Africa to Botswana, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Mauritius, South Africa & Tanzania; Europe to Belgium, Italy, France, UK & the Netherlands; & Mexico have also granted him a cultural fluency he reflects in his work.


"A man who works with his hands is a laborer. A man who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman. A man who works with his hands, brains, and heart is an artist."  - Louis Nizer

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