Art is my first language. I use many artistic disciplines to communicate- Digital Graphics Arts, Fashion Design, Film, Photography, Motionography, Poetry, and though seemingly disparate all my work is connected by a thread of inquiry into my inner dialogues, my concerns, desires, frustrations, admirations, discoveries, confusions, perplexities, distractions, needs, passions, and conflicts.

Art is an intimate and mutual exchange between artist and witness; it transforms the moment of capturing someone’s attention into a bridge for joining intelligence on a multi-way street. I use Technology as my tool to express art through copious colors, fractals, dark lights, distracting sounds, complex textures, interactive rhythms, responsive motion, intellectual wearables, unobvious words, oxymoronic humor, abstract allegories, and more in attempt to stimulate as many different senses of an audience's attention as possible.

I began creating at the age of 8 experimenting with digital composition, having the distinct privilege of both my parents being Software Developers, as well as photographers & thespians; it has been of great benefit incubating in an environment where both logic & abstraction were welcome.

My early start helped, but it is my passionate engagement with the field that continues to pay off; Since 2010 I have been awarded the Glimpses In Time Juror’s Award in Photography, won the Graphic Arts Award for e-retailer NewEgg.com (2012), had my artwork shared by Netflix’s Marvel’s Daredevil (2016), been interviewed by France’s Inter “Vivre en vrai et vivre en ligne” (2014), commissioned to design the logo for the Neukom Institute at Dartmouth College (2011), featured in National Geographic’s documentary “Original Sin” (2016), accepted into BOTART International's permanent collection of contemporary barrel art (2017), a member of the Pasadena Society of Artists and a official Comic-Con professional.

My travels throughout Africa to Botswana, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Mauritius, South Africa & Tanzania; Europe to Belgium, Italy, France, UK & the Netherlands; & Mexico have also granted me a cultural fluency I reflect in my work.


"A man who works with his hands is a laborer. A man who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman. A man who works with his hands, brains, and heart is an artist."


2017 Pasadena Journals Juneteenth Empowerment Art Exhibition

2017 Photo Independant Art Exhibition

2017 Black History Art Exhibition

2017 Black History Month Cultural Appreciation Fashion, Music & Art Extravaganza

2017 Avenue 50 Studio Opening Reception

2017 Art Code Collective​ Opening Reception

2016 Pasadena Society of Artists​ Opening Reception

2016 Alkebulan Cultural Center for Pasadena's Open Studio Tour

2016 Amber Rose's Slut Walk Art Exhibition [Group Show]

2016 Alkebulan Cultural Center's September Reception [Group Show]

2015 Worm’s Afro Futurism Festival Rotterdam, Amsterdam [Group Show] (Fine Art)

2014 Harvard African and Diasporic Religious Film Festival Cambridge, MA [Group Show] (Film)

2011 The Diaspora Collective Pomona, CA [Group Show] (Photography)

Press / Media
2017 "God As Weapon & Lunar Eclipse" Featured as Cover of CSU California State University, San Bernardino, The Pacific Review Lit Journal (Fine Art)

2017 Accepted into BOTART International's permanent collection of contemporary Barrel Art (Fine Art)

2017 Featured In LADCA's African American Heritage Calendar and Cultural Guide (Fine Art)

2017 "Color Of Love" Featured on L.A. TACO preview covering Art Code Collective's Opening Reception (Fine Art)

2016 Interviewed by Pasadena Now Magazine "Pasadena Celebrates African Heritage with Gallery Art Show"  (Fine Art)

2016 "She Sees All" Featured on Nubiamancy (Fine Art)

2016 "Eve In Edan" Featured on Blavity (Fine Art)

2016 Featured in FOKUS's Insight Magazine : Issue 46 (Pages 28 - 33) (Fine Art)

2016 National Geographic “Original Sin” Documentary Feature (Graphic Web Art)

2016 Netflix’s Marvel’s Dare Devil Features Portrait (Fine Art)

2016 Saul Williams Features Portrait (Fine Art)

2016 Featured in FOKUS's Insight Magazine : Issue 45 (Pages 41 - 47) (Fine Art)

2015 Hip Hop Trooper Features Portrait (Fine Art)

2015 CBSNews.com  (Web Art)

2015 "Same Fight" Featured on Blavity (Fine Art)

2015 Kelis Approves Portrait (Fine Art)

2015 Featured in Worm’s Afro Futurism Now Magazine (Fine Art)

2014 France Inter.fr Radio Interview (Graphic Web Art)

2013 Huffington Post Article Mention (Graphic Web Art)

2013 Jet Magazine CV Nation (Art Direction & Graphic Art)

2009 BuzzFeed Article Mention (Graphic Web Art)

2009 Collegehumor Article Mention (Graphic Web Art)

Awards / Grants
2010  Glimpses In Time Juror’s Award in Photography (Photography)
2012  Graphic Arts Art Award for e-retailer Newegg.com (Graphic Art)
2005  Pasadena City College  Digital Media Award Scholarship (Interactive Multimedia Art)

Affiliations / Organizations
2017 Image People (Digital Art Director)

2016 Pasadena Society of Artists

2011 Comic-Con Intl. Professional Member

Patronage / Commissions / Clientele
2017 BOTART International (Fine Art)

2016 Riverside Art Museum (Art Direction & Marketing)
2016 Visual Voice Historic African Amerian Art Exhibition (Graphic Art & Marketing)

2016 Eido Education (Graphic Art)
2015 L.A. Works (Graphic Art)

2014 DWAP Publishing (Graphic Web Art & Graphic Art)

2014 Venus Visuals (Graphic Art)
2012 Bernard Hoyes, Seven Paintings Dance Performance Art (Graphic Art, Film, Photography & Marketing)

2012 CV Nation "Super Hero Live Action Seires" (Branding, Photography, Web Design & Graphic Art)

2012 A Life Balanced (Graphic Art & Branding)
2011 Dartmouth College / Neukom Institute (Graphic Art & Branding)

2011 Vegiheal (Branding, Photography, Web Design, Graphic Art, Sound Design, & Marketing)

2011 Ghana's ACAWF African Culture and Wellness Festival (Graphic Art & Branding)

2010 ICPA Inland Conservatory For The Performing Arts School (Branding, Graphic Art &  Photography)

2009 Berry Butter (Branding, Photography, Web Design, Graphic Art, Sound Design, & Marketing)

2009 Riley Urick's Checkmate Music Group  (Branding, Merch Development & Photography)

2003 The Learning Center - Pasadena City College (Branding)

LP's Brands & Projects
2017 - Art Code Collective (Director, Curator)

2017 - Be Art Fashion Film (Director, DP, Editor)

2016 - Valeri's Up Next (Director, Editor & Graphic Art)

2016 - LPAE38 (Fine Art Brand)

2013 - BeHumanCanvas (Fashion Brand)

2012 -2014 Seven Paintings (Film)

2007 - Amish-Online-Dating (Performance Art / Graphic Web Art)

2005 - 2006 "WORD?! I Didn't Know (_________) Could Get Down Like That"! A International Hip Hop Documentary (Photography)

2003 - 2015 Designed By LP (Graphic Arts)